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Auchan Retail International

Auchan Retail International

05 September, 2016
31 August, 2018

Translation, Proofreading, Localization

Irina Pozzo Di Borgo
Ying Flass

I joined Auchan Retail International in 2016 during a translation internship.

During this internship I learnt to use CAT tools and terminology tools. I primarily worked for the Product Lifecycle Management department, translating various types of documents that were part of the project.
After the six months internship, I have been hired by Auchan and kept translating for another 18 months. The translations varied and the amount of departments tasking me with translations rose over time. I soon cooperated with the communication department of Auchan Retail International, translating their newsletters and internal documents.
Over the course of the 24 months I spent at Auchan, not once have I failed to deliver a translation on time while still being of quality. This is something I am very proud of and something I aim to keep doing.

Recommendation letters available upon request

I have received two recommendation letters that I am willing to show upon request. You will find links to send your requests on the left panel of the page under "Recommendations:"