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Our Services


The art of translating your text and adapting it to the culture of the target readers and make it seem like an original.


We proofread thoroughly any text we translate to ensure the most faithful translation possible of the original while being perfectly tailored for the target audience.

Machine Translation

The technology evolves daily. Machine Translation can now be used to translate documents effectively as long as they are supervised by competent translators.


We adapt the content of your mobile app to suit foreign-language markets. We support the following file formats: Android XML, XLIFF, so you can seamlessly translate all your content.

Desktop Publishing

We can translate and edit image and photos as part of translation project. Our expert works on the Adobe Suite.

Data Security

TranslatinMind respects a data security policy to ensure peace of mind of our clients. Here is a list of key elements regarding confidentiality and security, feel free to get in touch with us to get more details regarding our behaviour. Confidentiality and security is discussed before any contract begins. You can review the full list of actions we take regarding data security here
Your satisfaction


Together, we analyze your needs, find the target audience and the objective of the translation.



We develop strategies for the translated document to be perfectly adapted to the target culture as well as faithful to the original.



After quality assurance steps, we deliver a text ready-to-go in the desired format respecting the desired layout.